International Conference on Resource Sustainability (icRS)

Resources are essential for the sustainability of human society. The sustainable management of resources therefore is critical for addressing many societal challenges we are facing. Interdisciplinary approaches are required to develop solutions for sustainable resource management. The International Conference on Resource Sustainability (icRS) serves as a platform for researchers and practitioners around the world with diverse background and expertise to share the most recent ideas, outcomes, and practices on resource sustainability.

At icRS, we embrace interdisciplinarity, welcoming contributions from natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering. We define resource broadly, including water, energy, minerals, food, timber, air, land, etc. in either their raw forms or processed forms and "misplaced" resources in various wastes.

icRS is a series of conferences and meetings. It includes three types:

  • icRS Global: biennial global conferences
  • icRS Regional: regional conferences
  • icRS Thematic: conferences on specific thematic topics


icRS Asia Pacific 2018 will be held in Taichung City (Taiwan, China) from November 27-28, 2018 in collaboration with International Society for Business Innovation & Technology Management.

icRS Global 2018 was successfully held in Beijing from June 27-29, 2018

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